Cover Band

Nizhny Novgorod Governorate Orchestra has created a new pop band. NNBand is a very special group, that can create a cozy chamber celebration atmosphere or an unforgettable colorful party. We are extremely agile to audience’s wishes and budget. 12 professional musicians make this band so versatile, that it will open up in a new way and make the crowd happy with versatile transformations and playbooks.


The basis of “NNBand”: vocalists Dimitry Zubarev, Daria Kalinina, Tatiana Volkova; instrumentalists Alexandr Komarov (flugelhorn, trumpet), Ivan Malov (flugelhorn, trumpet), Alexey Nosovsky (trombone), Alexandr Raskhozhev (saxophone), Grigory Andrievsky (guitar), Maxim Rybakov (bass), Igor Ionov (drums), Denis Pavshuk (keys).

Dmitry Kalyabin – sound engineer, providing high-quality sound and lighting design of band live performances.




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